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A good practice within the landscaping industry is to "greenscape" your flandscape.

Try to use plants that are native to your area in your landscape and this will not only bring in that naturally landscaped look but also help cut down on overall water consumption by the plants.

f Here are a few tips you can follow:

1. Right Plant, Right Place
Use hydrozoning (grouping plants with similar water needs), use drought tolerant and disease resistant plants (native plants!).
At Garden & Art Landscaping, we have found many different ways of incorporating just the right plant for the right place in the Triangle area.

2. Landscape for Less to the Landfill
Mulch or compost green waste on site, avoid plants that require extensive pruning, grasscycle, separate green waste for recycling.

3. Integrated Pest Management
Use IPM techniques: monitor pests and their natural enemies, use pest-resistant plants, evaluate damage vs. need to treat, use least toxic alternatives, spot treat if needed.

4. Reduce chemical use
Use IPM techniques, use compost instead of chemical fertilizers for soil and plant health.

5. Reduce water use at your job sites
Use drought tolerant plants, hydrozone, mulch, monitor irrigation schedule and system and in your office - install low flow devices on sinks and use water-conserving toilets.

6. Nurture soil health
Minimize tillage and chemical applications, use compost and mulch.

7. Prevent storm water run-off
Keep pesticides, soil, leaves and debris out of storm drains, keep vehicles and equipment leak-free.

8. Buy recycled-content products
In your office, buy recycled content paper products; in landscaping, use recycled lumber and other recycled content materials.

If any of the tips you have found here have raised more questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We'd love to talk to you about Greenscaping no matter what the question! Give us a call at 919-235-2245 or send an email!